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[And so, Jesus got helplessly lost on the Union Cave for a REALLY LONG TIME. Blame it on his ability to get distracted by the smallest things ever.

But he finally managed to reach Azalea Town. The day he arrived, he was exhausted, and so were his Pokémon, so he didn't really make a broadcast about it or anything.

After getting some proper rest though, he thought it would be nice to let his friends know he was OK and tell everyone about the most recent 'news'. Specially Ryou, since he advised him about the cave and everything - but it isn't like that helped much.

So, he's just sitting by the side of Slowpoke Well, having a few riceballs and hanging with his party.]

Hi everyone! It's been a long time, hm?

I was at Union Cave and, gee, did I trail off there. It feels like I've been there forever. Luckily, I had a few Repels with me, so it wasn't that harsh, in the end. Now I've finally reached Azalea Town.

Ah, by the way, something really amazing happened while I was at the cave! Raphael finally evolved! Here, say 'hi' to everyone Raph! [He turns the Gear around to show off a HUGE Gyarados that, well, he looks as cheerful as a Gyarados can be, besides his intimidating demeanor. And the roaring.

Jesus then turns the camara back to himself.]

China showed me it's Gyarados when I caught Raphael, but I was still quite impressed when he transformed in front of my eyes! He's my first Pokémon to evolve, and, well, I'm really excited to see how the others will look like later on.

Oh, and recently I got this egg here... [He digs through his bag and pulls out an egg wrapped in some clothes.] It's a Smoochum egg. I'm making sure to keep it warm inside my bag by wrapping it with my Shinto clothes. I can barely wait for it to hatch! [He quickly puts the egg back on his bag, as to not let it catch any kind of cold.]

I think that, from now on, I'm going to try and buy some eggs instead of trying to catch wild Pokémon. I've been spending way too many Pokéballs on that. [Jesus looks a but bummed. He was expecting to be better at this whole 'Pokémon catching' thing.]

Anyway, I need to go now. Have to feed my party and make sure everyone is OK before we explore this well here a little. See you guys! [And off goes the broadcast.]
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Jesus is so stocked at the prospect of celebrating this AMAZING holiday while in Johto that he almost forgets to make a broadcast about it!

It would be really, really sad if he happened to lose the opportunity of sharing the oy of Christmas with everyone, righht?

So, a feed from him starts. He's somewhere in a grassy area near Union Cave, with a camp set up and his pokémon all around him. He looks even more smiley than usual.]

Hello everyone! The day finally came! It's finally Christmas day!

I'm a little bit too far from any city to celebrate more, hm, properly, but I'm having a really great time with my Pokémon!

And, guys, I got gifts too! Thanks a lot, really! I... wasn't expecting it and I'm really sorry I didn't get you guys anything. I didn't know it was possible to send people stuff and, well, I'm not very good at picking gifts. [Aka he didn't want to buy something that would make you cringe.]

Oh, I almost forgot! I was looking through my bag and guess what I found? My laptop! The one I had back home! I have no idea how it ended up here, but I'm really happy to have it back with all its files! Too bad there's no Internet connection for me to update my blog with info on all this amazing adventure I'm having. But I'll keep a journal in it, just for kicks.

Now, me and my Pokémon are going to have supper, and then I'm going to get them to watch 24 with me. You guys can call me anytime though!

And Merry Christmas everyone! I can't barely wait for New Year! [And with the widest of smiles, Jesus finishes the feed.]
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[Even after training a lot, Jesus still FAILED MAJESTICALLY at trying to beat Falkner - Barney was right... that guy was TOUGH - so he decides it's time to get a move on. As much as he enjoys spending time at the Sprout Tower, he needs to explore other areas. He's pretty keen on visiting the Ruins of Alph. Seems like the right place for him.

So, after dropping his job at the store and stocking up on supplies, he's ready to keep on moving.

After spending some time at route 32, Jesus starts a feed.

He's smiling, as per usual, but something seems to be bothering him a little. And it's not the fact that he didn't get that badge.]

Hey everyone! So... I tried going for my first badge, but it was a real failure!

Po, Pory.

[Jesus looks down at the Porygon at his feet.] Hm? Ah, I know Gabriel! Let me just finish telling them about t-


Fine, fine...

So, I just captured one of these sheep Pokémon. A Mareep, you know? And since I did it... These other Mareep are... kind of following me... [He moves the Gear slightly to show a small flock of electric-yellow sheep not too far from him.]

They don't look angry or anything because I captured one of their friends. They just seem to be following me for no reason.

Is there any way for me to, hm, shoo them or something. I already tried to tell them to go away but... they aren't listening. [It should be noted that he tried to tell them to 'go away' in the least threatening way possible, so then he wouldn't 'hurt' their feeling.

Jesus sighs and finishes the feed.]
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[So, you guys haven't heard about Jesus in a while, right?

Well, that's because he has been walking around, catching Pokémon and whatnot!

He just arrived at Violet City, and boy, is he excited about going for his first badge! But first he needs to train more, and the Sprout Tower looks like the right place to do it.


If he can stop being amazed by it that means.

Sitting on the wooden floor of the tower to take a break, he decides to make a broadcast for you guys!]

Aaah... this tower is so nice. I feel really at ease while I'm in here, and the monks here so nice!

Not to mention it's warm and cozy in here. I was starting to think I would get sick from standing on the wind and cold for so long.

[He looks as happy as ever, before reaching out for one of his Pokéballs.]

And guess what? I already have four Pokémon with me! It's really exciting to go out there and see all these creatures. Oh, I got me one of these... [The Pokéball pops open to reveal...

... this:


This is one of the Pokémon I caught. I named him Raphael. [He holds it up from it's tail as it flails around a little in front of the camera.] I really don't know what it can do yet, but from what I remember he grows up to be really strong if you have the patience to train it. So I guess that's what I'm doing.

Still... I kind of like his face! He looks kind of cute with those wide eyes of his! [He puts the poor thing back inside it's Pokéball, because he feels bad about flopping around like that.] I also got a Rattata and a Bellsprout. They are all so fun to be around with.

I guess that's all for now... Oh, I remember now. I'm... kind of running short on money and I need it to get food and warmer clothes. Does anyone know how do I get money in this world? [He didn't cross paths with any random trainer, so he doesn't know how he's going to make a living in that place...]
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[So, you guys troubled that you ended up in an unknown world?

Well, too bad, because Jesus here doesn't seem to mind. In fact, he's way too excited as he rummages through his newly acquired bag and is even more stoked when he finds out that he has a Pokémon of his own.

Quite quickly, he releases the creature from its pokéball.


Is that...?

OH YEAH IT IS! THAT'S A PORYGON! THAT'S AWESOME! He certainly hs to tell EVERYONE that he got a super cool Pokémon! So he turns on his communicator, all smiles.]

Hey, hm, everyone, I don't know how I ended up here, but I got me one of those! [Smiling, Jesus picks up his Porygon and pretty much 'shoves' its face in the Pokégear screen.]

These are so cool! I can't believe I got one so easily! I heard they are quite rare to come by and to get one just like that is quite awesome!

Ah, also... [He puts the Porygon down on the ground and opens up his backpack, pulling out a piece of clothing from inside of it.]

I also got me these really beautiful Shinto clothes! I think I'm going to wear it at special occasions! It looks so high quality and I can't wait to try it on! [He puts the garments away. Being the biggest weaaboo ever, Jesus is quite happy that he got traditional Japanese clothes.]

Well, I don’t know why I was brought here, but looks like it’ll be a fun experience! I better start walking at once! [He waves at the camera and cuts the feed. He'll be hanging around New Bark for a while, still getting used to his new surroundings and looking at all the stuff inside his bag, with Porygon by his side. Nope. not putting it on the Pokéball yet.]

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(( The following is an OOC post ))

So, peeps, listen up!

Even though I'm not RPing the REAL Jesus Christ, I know that some people might get offended because, after all, this is a sort of parody of him. And while I'm at it I also want to make it clear that I'm not doing this do degrade his image or because I have something against Christianity or something like that. I'm doing this based solely on good-natured fun, and that's all. And the fact that I love the manga from where this guy comes from! I have no ill intentions WHATSOEVER.

But, if any of you guys think that you might feel a little bit uncomfortable or anything if I tag you with this character, because he simply has no relation to the one you see in the Bible, personality wise, please, answer to this post saying that you DON'T want me replying to your posts with this character and I'll keep that for future reference.

Just doing that to keep everyone happy. I don't want to, unintentionally, piss someone off O___O
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(( The following is an OOC post ))

Jesus' timeline on Route. Not much to see here. Just me keeping track of his interactions XD

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(( The following post is OOC ))

This is Jesus relationship chart for [ profile] route_29. These show his most 'meaningful' relationships and is constantly updated. Although, if you want to be included in this list, please, do comment on it and I'll whip up a 'first impression' bit for your character!

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(( The Following Is An OOC Post ))

These are all the important info about Jesus on Route, like which Pokémons he has, how much money, items, where he is and so on. This will be updated constantly, so, keep an eye on this!

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[Character Name] Jesus (aka Jessie)
[Canon] Saint Young Men
[Point Taken from Canon] After chapter 12

[Age] Over 2,000 years old, but looks like he's in his mid 20's
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Het

[Eye Color] Brown
[Hair Color] Black
[Clothing] Is usually wearing white t-shirts with some silk-screening on it (always with things/writings related to Christianity), blue jeans and white sneakers. Oh, and the crown of thorns around his head =3c

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